Japan Creative Insights provide services that bring you a deep and insightful understanding of the Japanese culture. JCI is currently run by Madoka Suganuma, a Freelance Market Researcher, Consumer Insights Analyst, Trend Analyst, Semiotician and your guide to everything Japanese. Madoka is completely bilingual in Japanese and English, and has worked as a translator since still at Uni.

Madoka grew up moving between Tokyo and countries such as Pakistan, Belgium, Austria, Wales, Scotland, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland. This gave her an unique opportunity to not only pick up languages and learn about cultures, but also a chance to examine what it means to be a Japanese person. Madoka draws on her experience as a translator and market researcher to provide useful insight into the Japanese culture.

How does a Japanese person think and act? Why do Japanese people say or do certain things? What are recent trends, and what are the mindsets of a certain generation of Japanese people?

These are questions that Madoka continues to ask herself, and would be happy to give you clues on.


Madoka Profile

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